“A gently illuminating look at a brilliant maverick musician… captured with grace and delicacy.” – The Hollywood Reporter / David Rooney

“A cunning hybrid of documentary and concert film.”
– Film Society of Lincoln Center

“…goes the smart route… peers into his artistic process.”
The Onion A.V. Club Chicago

“…Andrew Bird, an exquisite all-around craftsman. Aranda’s own style is equally thoughtful.” – Roger / Bill Stamets

“it’s a music documentary that’s entertaining, lyrical and oddly revealing… definitely worth seeing -”
indieWIRE / Dana Harris

“…should rock the faithful and uninitiated alike. Technical credits excel, the compositional and color balance of the image complementing a topnotch sound mix.” Variety / Boyd van Hoeij

“…a superbly shot, recorded and cut-together concert film. The glimpses… are as suavely suggestive of hidden significance as his riddling lyrics.”
New Zealand International Film Festival / Bill Gosden

“a film so viscerally beautiful and sonically precise that it will delight the cult follower and the Andrew Bird newcomer alike.”
Bohemian, Sonoma Napa Marin / Jessica Dur Taylor

“…an important landmark… fearlessly shows footage that some other artists might be reluctant to release to the world.”
– Fast Forward Weekly, Calgary / Nathan Atnikov

“…skillfully documents the artist in a free-form manner that fits his art, a treat for fans and a good introduction for newcomers.”
Nashville Scene / Steven Hale

“Director Xan Aranda’s touch is delicate, we are involved but we are removed, much of the film feels like we are a fly on the wall – watching Andrew Bird exist in his environment.” – The Lonely Reviewer

“Recommended for Bird fans and first-time listeners alike…”
– Libertas Film Magazine / Joe Bendel

“Beautifully directed… stunning concert footage…”
Bowlegs Music & Film 

“What this film does exceptionally well is give us an inside look at Bird’s creative process, but not feel in any way voyeuristic or intrusive.”
Leacock’s / Maggie Frainier

“Aranda has eloquently pieced together a poetic masterpiece for the senses.”
– Stella Magazine Denmark / Jessica Braz

“…an enchanting perspective of a musician working to uncover those rare intangible complexities that exist alongside any successful artist.”
The Dropp / David Hanson

“…promises to tickle even the most curmudgeonly spirit… The images alone are surprisingly rich given the central subject here is sonic…”
The Vancouver Sun / Katherine Monk

“Grade A… more than a technical diary, a rumination on process… a detailed, sympathetic biography of an artist gifted on numerous fronts simultaneously.” / Zachary Lewis

“…an intriguing insider look at one of the indie music scene’s most enigmatic and talented individuals.” – Kansas City Star / Jon Niccum

“Four stars… Aranda’s charming documentary takes us behind the scenes with Bird…”  – Winston-Salem Relish / Tom Clodfelter

“…enough to leave you with a lasting impression that won’t soon go away.”
The Film Stage (Bill Graham)

“It’s a truly amazing feat to… capture the process of a year-long music tour as well as the personal life of a musician while simultaneously preserving his privacy and leaving the viewer satisfied.” – The Indie-Verse / Nico Martini

“If you’re not an Andrew Bird fan, then you ought to still enjoy the musical performances, because he’s an exciting and innovative musician.”
The Daily City, Orlando / Samir Mathur

“…fused together perfectly… gorgeously intimate…”
Three Imaginary, Seattle 

“Bird’s secrets seem better left untold, because the peeks into his offstage sonic explorations tell plenty about the creative process of the unorthodox, highly skilled musician.” – VitaMN / Jesse Mandell-McClinton

“FEVER YEAR hits a bullseye… captures the experience of being at his show exactly.” – The Tyee Canada / Thom Wong

“On stage with his violin, Bird seems like an untouchable genius. But in this film, we see his soft underbelly… a compelling and fun documentary.”  – Arts & Culture Magazine, North Texas / Bryan Kluger

“Aranda’s visual prose is what’s commanding here. Fever Year is a thoughtfully delivered lyric to an artist’s verse and his still growing song.”
CineFile / Nelson Carvajal

“…guaranteed to earn him scores of new admirers.”
Sound on Sight / Kenneth Broadway

“it’s an inspiring film, especially for all artists alike, being that there’s never any guarantees for them as the movie demonstrates, yet to see Bird in his brightly colored socks, looping away for the people, for us, chasing Nirvana in this merciless world is an illumination of the soul that shouldn’t be missed.”
Santa / Salvador Hernandez

“Brilliant, harmonic, and wonderful …so inspiring and filled with joy.”
SBCC Film Reviews / Gustav Orvefors

“Four stars. This young female director has made an award worthy film.”
A Movie Guy

Interviews & Post-Screening Q&A
CBC Radio Calgary (Chris dela Torre)
CBC Radio One Yukon (Tara McCarthy)
Chicago Tribune’s ‘ChicagoLive!’ (Jenniffer Weigel)
FERNTV Toronto (Fernando Fernandez)
Gimme Noise/City Pages MSP (Natalie Gallagher)
Independent Film Festival Boston, Q&A
indieWIRE Meets Xan Aranda, New York Film Festival (Dana Harris)
KFAI Minneapolis-StPaul (Pam Hill Kroyer) * starts at 1:18:33
Movie a Day (Dale Pollock)
– My Old Kentucky Blog (Sara McGuyer)
Omaha Public Radio (Cheril Lee)
Paste Magazine (Max Blau)
Salem Film Fest (Brian Lepire)
South Florida Sun Sentinel (Jake Cline)
Vancouver International Film Festival Q&A, October 2011 (Mark Peranson)
– WE Vancouver cover story (Andrea Warner)
Winston-Salem Journal (Tom Clodfelter)
Yes Weekly (Ryan Snyder)

A.V. Club, Onion
Boston Globe (Loren King)
BRM BeyondRace Magazine
CBS Dallas Fort Worth (Marilee Vergati)
Chicagoist (Michelle Meywes)
Chicagoist (Rob Christopher)
Chicago Reader (Peter Margasak)
Cinespect Interview with Richard Pena (Ryan Wells)
CityBeat Cincinnati (Eli Johnson)
Cluster One
– The Comet
Consequence of Sound (Andrew Rubin)
Consequence of Sound (Chris Coplan)
Consequence of Sound (Ted Maider / Joe Marvilli)
Exclaim.Ca (Josiah Hughes)
Film Festival Today (Sandy Mandelberger)
The Film Stage
HitFix (Chris Eggertsen)
How’s My Living?
Independent Tribune, North Carolina (Michael Knox)
IndieHearts Buenos Aires
IndieWire (Nigel M. Smith)
IndieWire LiveStream (event)
King Blind
Late to the Movies
The L Magazine / The Measure (Ian Erickson-Kery)
Magic RPM
McDonough Voice
Missoula Independent (Skylar Browning)
Mubi (David Hudson)
The Muse in Music
– New York Film Festival/Film Society of Lincoln Center announcement
New York Times re: New York Film Festival
The NJ Underground
OC Weekly
One Thirty BPM
– Onion A.V. Club
– Paste Magazine
Pitchfork (Carrie Battan)
– Playground Misnomer
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POV / PBS (Adam Schartoff)
Prefix Mag (Matthew MacFarland)
– Prefix Mag (Andrew Winistorfer)
Prefix Mag (Andrew Martin)
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SBCC Film Reviews (Luke Catena)
Shoot Magazine
St. George (Mori Kessler)
The Spec (Dee Wallace)
The Steam Engine
Tiny Mix Tapes
TribLocal Evanston 
TriState Indie
T-Mobile Music Poland
– Under the Radar Mag
Under the Radar Mag (Mi Tran)
Under the Radar New Zealand
UT San Diego
– Vancouver International Film Festival announcement
Vancouver Sun (John Mackie)
We Are Movie Geeks – Chicago Directors at Chicago Intl Film Festival
We Are Movie Geeks – REELWomen at Chicago Intl Film Festival
We Are Movie Geeks – St. Louis Intl Film Festival


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