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40 Responses to Contact

  1. Erick B says:

    Hi there.

    Hope it’s going very well.

    On the NORMAN movie Facebook page, there are two exclusive Andrew Bird tracks from the upcoming soundtrack release. These tracks are not available anywhere else and will only be posted until October 3.

    NORMAN is an award-winning film; a funny, yet intelligent and deeply felt portrayal of a troubled high-school teenager. We’re working with To Write Love On Her Arms and others to use the film as a way to raise awareness about teen depression and suicide, the 3rd leading cause of death for 18-24 year old Americans!

    Would you help us spread the word about the tracks and maybe even the film?

    Here’s the link to the tracks:

    Thanks so much.

    the NORMAN crew

  2. Christopher Mattison says:

    Any chance of the Fever reaching Hong Kong?

  3. Justin says:

    Any chance the film will make it the Boston International Film Festival in April? Looks fantastic!!

    • Xan Aranda says:

      Hi Justin! We’ve submitted the film to BIFF and anxiously await their response. Might we request your help? What if you and your friends write to the fest, let them know you reallly want to see Andrew Bird on the big screen at BIFF. That might help! We love a campaign…

  4. Ivana says:

    Great trailer! Are you coming only on festivals or separate screening can be organized? We’d be really happy to see you in Zagreb (Croatia) soon. We can make it happen – just advise the date.

  5. Zack B. says:

    Hi there. I’m inquiring to see what it would take to show the film in Minneapolis Minnesota. The fact that Mr. bird is very popular in this area, and also the fact that his entire band is from here makes it seem very fitting for a showing here. What are the requirements?

  6. Bianca Sarah says:

    Will Fever Year ever be available to those of us unable to afford being part of the film festival circuit?

  7. Tawny says:

    Please try to submit Fever Year for the Gasparilla Film Festival (contact info below) or any other central Florida Film fest! I’m dying to see the film! Thanks!!!

  8. Bianca Sarah says:

    Any chance Fever Year will make it to Michigan? Possibly the Wealthy Theatre in Grand Rapids, or the Saugatuck Film Festival?

  9. Jeff Medley says:

    I just watched the film at the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival in Missoula, MT. It is a beautiful film and, as filmmaker liaison, I wish you could have made it to the festival. Next step, to get Andrew to come and play a show in the Wilma…

  10. Angela says:

    Is there a way we can get “Fever Year” posters?

  11. Emily says:

    Your film left me breathless. I think that my mouth was hanging open throughout the whole thing. Probably the best documentary I’ve ever seen, it made me fall in love with Andrew Bird, his music and all of his quirks…please please talk him into a DVD release so I can experience this again! Or at least an iTunes release..thank you very much for your talent.
    p.s. I’d love details about a poster as well.

  12. Bianca Sarah says:

    Will Fever Year be making it back home to Chicago anytime in the near future?
    (Could I get details about a poster as well, please?)

  13. What is the rating of the film? I see TN on a site, but cannot figure what it stands for. My 7 yo is a fan of Dr. Stringz, and I wonder if se could see Fever Year. Is there a store somewhere with memorabilia for the film?

    • Xan Aranda says:

      Hi Monica! The film is not MPAA rated, but there is no sexuality or violence in it. There is, however, a barely audible “shitcrazy” and Andrew says “crap” twice during a story. That’s it. Andrew is ill and on crutches in the film, which maybe a 7 y.o. would find weird. The film is about the creative process and has beautiful visuals, a gentle pace to it. Ten songs and a documentary story. A friend brought her 10 y.o. (a fan) and he enjoyed it.

  14. Xan Aranda says:

    Monica – Where do you plan to see the film? I would love to arrange free tickets for you. Send me an email via Xan at Kartemquin dot com.

  15. Bianca Sarah says:

    I just saw that Fever Year is slated to play in Chicago on June 7th!
    My best friend and I both are Chicago natives (making Mr. Bird all the more dear to us) and have been waiting for any opportunity to see the film together. Last year he moved to Iowa and I moved to Michigan, but we’re already making plans to come back home for the screening. Thank you so so much for bringing the film back to our hometown!!

  16. Drubbs says:

    Ohio? Ohhh HI ohhh???? How can we see it?

  17. EMRF says:

    Please come to Philadelphia!!! I know you needed to hit places like Wisconsin & Arkansas first, but…

    • Xan Aranda says:

      Now now, we’re working on it. WI & AR snatched the film up, whereas fests in Philly are taking their sweet time. Please contact your local festival, tell em you’d love to see the film. We’re waiting for them to accept our submission.

  18. AC says:

    What about Paris? Please come to Paris! I don’t know of any festival, but maybe La Blogotheque could assist in setting up a screening? I know they organize screenings of their own music videos from time to time, and I know they like Andrew Bird…

    • Xan Aranda says:

      We’re working on Paris. Please send us a note via Xan at Kartemquin dot com with suggestions for festivals. Andrew has chosen to not release FEVER YEAR beyond festivals, so a festival is required. Thanks!

  19. Samantha says:

    Hi there Xan,

    I noticed that Fever Year is playing on September 19th at POP Montreal this year. Don’t see it anywhere on their site to by tickets… any ideas how I can go see it and why they aren’t advertising it?


  20. Ina says:

    It would be awesome if Fever Year came to Germany! Are there any chances?

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