Andrew Bird in 25 living rooms

Watch the film at home! Andrew Bird: Fever Year is not available on DVD, so don’t miss this extremely rare opportunity to host your very own home-viewing party for six people or less. Goes well with snacks!

Andrew is making the full concert documentary available to just 25 groups who donate in support of Fever Year director Xan Aranda‘s new documentary Mormon Movie on Kickstarter by September 28. She will send 11×17″ posters for you and your guests. Support indie film! Here’s your chance!

How it works:
Your very own Andrew Bird: Fever Year Home Viewing Party can happen anytime between October 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013. Vimeo link with specialized password will arrive via email, just before your event.



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7 Responses to Andrew Bird in 25 living rooms

  1. Jake Metz says:

    Awesome!! As a huge Andrew Bird fan and burgeoning music documentarian myself, I’m extremely excited at this possibility as I did not hear about the doc until after it had played in Chicago for the last time 😦

    So cool!

  2. iliana says:

    HI!! I’m really confused at how I can watch the fever year doc. My friend and I were going to see Andrew Bird last week in Asheville, NC but the show was postponed. So, we’re really depressed and watching Fever Year would realllllly make ups happy. HELP. Thanks so much.

    • Xan Aranda says:

      Hi Illiana – We’re working on running the film at a/perture in Winston-Salem. Meantime, send a note to Xan at Kartemquin dot com for details on hosting your own Home Viewing Party.

  3. peter kang says:

    Hey, I live in Seoul and was really trying to check this film out. Is there a chance I can get one of those living room passes?


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