Official Trailer Premieres on indieWIRE

You’ve been so patient. Here’s your peek at FEVER YEAR.

“…it’s a music documentary that’s entertaining, lyrical and oddly revealing.”
– Dana Harris, indieWIRE

View Trailer

Much has been made about Andrew’s choice to not commodify FEVER YEAR, but here’s something to think about: Film festivals are almost always struggling, secretly-scrappy non-profit orgs. Leave your house, buy a ticket to see the film on the big screen, enjoy gorgeous Dolby surround sound and excellent high-def projection = support your local arts organization. Beautiful!

See FYR at festivals in Denver, Copenhagen, St. Louis, Seattle, and beyond –


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2 Responses to Official Trailer Premieres on indieWIRE

  1. not commodify? as in; no dvds T__T

    theres none near tx. just found out about this and rushed into search

    • Xan Aranda says:

      Hi Lorenzo! FYR is available only in festivals. We have submissions pending in TX. Please write to your nearest festival (can be film, arts, humanities, anything) and let them know you want to see the film! If you want to know more about DVD, etc. write to Andrew via his management, see Contact page for deets. THANKS!

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